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We are a leading company in production and distribution of saline or sodium chloride solution products with the international standard certification. For our customers in Thailand and countries in Asia, we produce a variety of high-quality products by our skillful staff and modern machinery with the latest technology. With excellence operations and leading of industrial technology along with the customer-oriented policy, we supply high-quality saline solutions for safe use to customers in Thailand and throughout Asia.

The first

in Thailand


Established in 1969

37 Recipe

Saline solutions


million liter monthly

in capacity at present.


Overview on our business

Saline solutions

We manufacture a variety of saline solution products covering for all usage using our innovation of production process with the Quality Management System (QMS) approval in both internal and external standard for the utmost assurance.

With modern technologies in the process, we are specialized in producing of the most clean and safe high-quality saline solutions products to fulfill the requirements of the customers in the market.


Contracted manufacturing and processing service (OEM service)

We are the company who produce saline solutions with readiness in technology for the comprehensive processing of manufacturing and packaging with our modern machinery and equipment. Our manufacturing received the GMP standard approval and controlled by our skilled pharmacists and staff throughout the process. With expertise, we expand our business line into the CAPD hemodialysis solution products as a result of our further development.

Our expertise

Our expertise

We are the leading company in distribution of medicines and delivery of medical supplies for the internal and external logistics services to hospitals. Our products and services support on medical services to hospitals and the infirmary business group bringing modern systems and technology as enhanced support for the efficient operation.


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